The British Bulldog and the Old Roman

from far away.. it could have been Churchill..

Unbeknownst to many, Winston Churchill was a lifelong White Sox fan.

He was first introduced to the game in 1900 while on a lecture tour of the United States, and from then on he never missed an opportunity to catch a game whenever he visited the US.

Initially good friends with Charles Comiskey, the two had a falling out regarding the events surrounding the 1919 World Series, finally reconciling shortly before Comiskey’s death in 1931.

Winnie’s support of the team lead to a statue being erected as a testament of his love of the game and friendship with Comiskey when the Sox moved into New Comiskey Park.

This episode of Mr Brady dropping some entirely fictitious knowledge on you is brought to you by Gran Habano Gigante cigars, Churchill’s prefered brand.


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