Prairie Dog Redaction

“Finally–you answered!  I forgot my key, I’ve been ringing the doorbell for ten minutes.  Where are you?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that’s classified.”
“Due to the sensitive nature of the operation.”

“The director has made it explicitly clear that only those with top secret clearance are to be informed of any detail of the mission.  In these specific cases, individuals will be read in only by the Director himself in a secure location of his choosing.”

“You’re in the bathroom, aren’t you?”
“They had a free build-your-own-taco stand at the bar last night.”
“I should spend the weekend at my parent’s, shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah, I already called in sick for Monday.  I’m gonna be a while.”
“Its exhausting just knowing you, do you know that?”


About mattS

Couch potato, burrito aficionado, whiskey sour drinker, handyman, writer of interesting things.

Posted on September 17, 2011, in Binky & Ducks, Fiction, Fragments, Things I Come Up With While I'm At Work. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment.

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