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No Goal, Wide Right, and the Cigarette Smoking Man / 100 Things Fans Should Know About Buffalo Sports

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There are two new books out on the topic of Buffalo sports as part of the 100 Things series that will make a great addition to any Bills or Sabres fan’s bookshelf.  Or more realistically, they’d make great coasters during the game.

100 Things Buffao Bills Fans Should Know and Do Before They DieJeffrey Miller, who already has Rockin’ the Rockpile and Game Changers under his belt, has compiled one hundred facts and places and inside stories that every Bills fan should know or do.  Miller recounts the best drafts, the worst drafts, the comebacks and the close ones; tailgating and road trips to Canton, the history of the Rockpile and a rundown of training camp at St. John Fisher.  And yes, there will be many mentions of the four Super Bowl losses, but in one chapter, we’re reminded how incredible it was that the Bills did make it to four straight, a feat no other team has ever or probably will ever accomplish.

100 Things Buffalo Sabres Fans Should Know and Do Before They DieSal Maiorana, who has written several books on the Bills as well, helmed the Buffalo Sabres entry into this series.  Maiorana covers everything from what it took to get a team in Buffalo to the Derek Plante goal in the ’97 playoffs, as well as May Day, No Goal, the Party in the Plaza and the coming and going of all Sabres’ greats including Perreault, Ramsey, Hasek and LaFontaine (simply and appropriately titled ‘LaLaLaLaLaLaLaFontaine’—admit it, you were doing the chant in your head anyway).

Each chapter is a quick read, only a page or two each, more than manageable for any sports fan and perfect for commercial breaks or a new bathroom book.  Perfect as gifts and great to reinvigorate the hometown team spirit, these books chart the highs, lows and remarkable moments in between; just what any fan needs as we wonder where the Bills’ season will take them or if the Sabres will even have one.

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