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Garage sale puzzles, because you just hate yourself that much

Life never comes together. 

Life is a puzzle you bought at a garage sale; its missing pieces and probably doesn’t match the picture on the box, if it even came in one.

Sometimes, they’re just in a bag with the little picture from the side of the box taped on so you kind of know what it’s supposed to be. 

But come on!  That picture is so small!  Is that a Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers puzzle, or the Valentine’s Day Massacre?

You can’t tell!  I know you can’t!  Why did you even buy it?  All those pieces probably don’t even go to the same puzzle!

The problem with you people is you all keep buying puzzles at garage sales.

This portion of Mr Brady dishing out some insight is brought to you by you being a dumbass.


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