Matt Strawbrich Drinking Coffee in San Francisco

Matt is the creator of and sole contributor to GasStationBurrito—except for the Mr. Brady segments, those were written by a dog—and all complaints, grievances, unabashed praise and gifts of any kind should be directed to him.

On second thought, just send gifts.

Matt’s writing credits include publication in the literary journals the Quadrangle, Coffee-Stained Thoughts and Blinking Eights, and contributions to the blog ‘Buffalo SoapBox’.  He has published the short story, “The Benefits of Masturbation” on both Nook and Kindle.  

Matt enjoys frozen pizza, whiskey sours, is an uncredentialed burrito aficionado and is unapologetic about his love for his couch.  He currently lives in Buffalo, New York where he and his wingman, Elliott Rowdy Fox AKA the Pomeranian Tornado are probably watching Steve McQueen movies at this very moment.

Matt can be reached by leaving comments on a post of your choice, or by emailing GasStationBurrito@gmail.com.

  1. I LOVE the new layout….


  2. Your name gas station burrito is very funny. It actually make me hungry.


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