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As the Deadline Approaches It Comes Down to Two for the Outer Harbor

Buffalo Outer Harbor owned by Niagara Frontier Transit Authority NFTA

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Hoping to unload close to 400 acres inherited from its predecessor, the Niagara Frontier Port Authority, nearly sixty years ago, the NFTA seems to be down to only two potential buyers.

After doing absolutely nothing with the property since its formation, the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority approached the City of Buffalo, Erie County, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. and New York State Parks to submit proposals by September 28th.

Now it appears Erie County and State Parks have backed out and the decision will come down to the City of Buffalo or the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp, run through the state.  The two main noisemakers are Assemblyman Michael Kearns, who believes the City of Buffalo “should control its own destiny” and own the property, while Rep. Brian Higgins is throwing everything behind the ECHDC.  Despite each side vying for ownership, they’ve both claimed that whoever is victorious there will be cooperation and compromise from each entity.

On the ECHDC’s side it has the Canalside project and reconstruction of the Commercial Slip under its belt, which is only a small part of its overall plan for the Inner Harbor.  For the City of Buffalo, a large part of their argument is their management of the Webster Block Project as proof that they’re committed to top-notch redevelopment in the city.

The proposals are due September 28th, but the NFTA has until January 28th to evaluate each on the grounds of how the property is used and developed, how public access will be maximized and maintained, and of course, the purchase price.


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