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So You Want to Work in a Bookstore: Lesson 3 | the Chief

This guy looks a lot like one of my little league coaches, the one affectionately referred to as ‘Chief Swings-the-Bat.’  Think Gary Farmer if you ever saw Dead Man.  No?  The Score?  C’mon, that was pretty good.  Edward Norton, Robert De Niro; it was Marlon Brando’s last film.  All right, what about Smoke Signals?  Whatever.  So here’s Chief Gary Farmer, long hair and all.  He has on a dark zip-up windbreaker over a ratty t-shirt and sweatpants.  I got the feeling these were his nice sweatpants.

Chief: I’m looking for rats.

Me: Rats or books on rats?

Chief: Books

Me: Ok, good.  Do you mean books on keeping a pet rat?

Chief: No, just rats.  You know, rats.  What they eat, where they live, their natural enemies besides cats.

Me: Right.  Well, there’s nothing in the store at the moment.  There is a lot we can order that comes up in our ‘Pets’ section.  They should have that kind of information in them.

Chief: Ok, where are those?

Me: No, no, we don’t have any in the store.  We’d have to order them.

Chief: Can you give you give a print out of everything so I can look them up online?

Me: Yeah, whatever.  Here you go.

Chief: Yeah.  Where are your movies about seahorses?

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